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About Us

As a Boutique Executive Search firm, Amygdalaworkwith our clients to understand and analyse their leadership and management challenges. We consult to deliver a tailored solution toidentify and attract the bestcommercial talent, with every search undertaken.

Our Values are built on integrity, honesty, communication, knowledge and a commitment to delivering what we promise. Our long-term relationships have been established and cultivated through our investment in understanding our clients’ respective industries and challenges. In each of these areaswe bring recent, relevant experience, established and growing networks, and a genuine understanding of the requirements and intricacies of the specific role or function.

Conventional leadership roles have evolved and thus, business leaders, across all organisational functions are required to be strategic advisers and partners to the board. The consultants within Amygdala assist our clients in developing leadership teams to navigate these ever-increasing challenges.


Foremost to our core principles is the importance of creating an effective and unique solution based on the required competencies, specific skills and cultural fit for each client / candidate mandate.

Equally important is the need for genuine alignment between business goals and the objectives of an executive hire. The bespoke nature of our services allows us to be well placed to deliver highly specific and complex demands.

Client Services

Amygdala offers boutique, integrated, research-based solutions and leadership consulting services.

Our commitment is to meet your needs by applying current best-practices to the search process, assessing and identifying the ideal candidates to suit your requirement, and delivering superior client service and satisfaction.

Career Advisory

Business leaders recognize the need to attract, develop and retain top talent in order to remain at the forefront of an increasingly competitive global market.

Understanding and aligning an individual’s skills and aspirations with an organisations’ future strategy is paramount in creating an equally rewarding employee / employer partnership. We work with executives to enable them to communicate and strategically manage their careers.

Permanent Search

Our search process begins by gaining a thorough understanding of the strategic goals of our client, the specific needs and the competencies required to achieve those goals...


Interim Search

We continue to research, data gather and update our network of interims. This allows us to confidently and efficiently provide an accurate assessment of the most suitable leadership talent and expertise available...


Business Projects

When businesses undertake significant growth strategies, finding the most appropriate solution to identify and attract a range of leadership talent requires a multi-functional engagement with stakeholders at every level of an organisation..



Amygdala’s Market Research & Business Intelligence services provide the information that is fundamental in identifying, attracting and retaining top-quartile executive talent...




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